Thursday, 9 July 2009

Selling policies / FAQs etc.

I've tried to cover most FAQs here but if you have any further questions or want clarification of anything just email me: droog79(at)

PRICING: i have tried to price drawings very reasonably but please remember these are completely unique on-off beautifully hand-drawn pieces by an up & coming artist.
The prices here for buying direct are a half to a third what i sell for in galleries.
In the near future prices will rise and these drawings may only be available as prints as my work gains exposure and my workload increases- so snap 'em up now while you can people!

PAYMENT: At the moment i can only accept PAYPAL for payment. For the buyer, paypal has no charges and ensures you are protected whenbuying anything online. It's pretty quick and easy to set up an account and is a useful and secure service for giving and receiving money worldwide and online. See more here: PAYPAL

EXCHANGE RATE: My work is priced in British Pounds Sterling (£). The US Dollar ($) price shown is correct for the day of the (blog) posting. Please ask if you want the price converted into other currencies. I use

PERFECTION?: These are original drawings and sketches, there may be smudges, creases, pencil lines, coffee stains, squashed mosquitoes on the paper on or around the drawing...
but these are the things that make an original illustration truly unique, authentic and worth buying.
So......Please check the image carefully before you buy and let me know if you want to see a higher resolution image of a particular drawing(s) first.

COPYRIGHT: ALL images on this site and any images sent as proofs by email or other means remain COPYRIGHT Droog79, they may not be copied, printed, published or used in any other way. If you do want to use my images for anything please just ask!

POSTAGE: Following confirmation of payment, items will be posted within 3 days. Please note- i am currently living in Mexico so items will be posted from here. I will obtain proof of postage. The postal system here is pretty reliable but not super-quick, for international deliveries expect a wait of 1-2 weeks but it can, on rare occasions take upto a month if you're unlucky.
Please note, if the item for some reason just doesn't arrive, i will refund you fully. Please note: PayPal also have protection and complaint policies to protect buyers, so DON'T WORRY!

POSTAGE & PACKING PRICES: I charge a cheap flat rate of £6 / $10 until i get a sliding scale sorted out.
Bulk buys attract a postage discount- i.e. buying 2 or more drawings works out a lot better value overall. The more the merrier!

SIZES: are approximate!

MATERIALS/ENVIRONMENT: Whilst i try to be environmentally responsible with my artwork (using recycled paper and eco-friendly, non-toxic paint products where possible) i do find that you can't beat a bit of home-killed octopus ink and baby seal fur paintbrushes...but hey, no one's perfect!

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